Female Anglers on the Women's Fishing Network - header image

The Women’s Fishing Network empowers female anglers, by providing a safe, fun, informative platform, on which to showcase their abilities, techniques and experiences, without resorting to bikinis and bootie shorts for clickbait!

We became frustrated by a lot of online postings we have seen, where women were resorting to being scantily clad, or worse yet, posing topless with a fish for a ‘Fish Bra’ picture. Those types of pictures/videos are highly discrediting to the women in them, and the women that love sport fishing.

We decided to drain the pond of this content by showcasing women who truly love the sport, and are not doing it to compete in a ‘popularity contest’.

We encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to try fishing, and we hope you will see why so many others have turned to this sport for fun, entertainment and spiritual grounding!

Trust us… it is a lot of fun, and worth getting into!