The Zombie Maxx is another one of my favourite lures from The Lucky Bug Lure Company, and I am going to share my thoughts on it with you guys. First off if you haven’t read my previous articles or heard of Lucky Bug, let me tell you a little bit about the company first. The Company is a family run business located right here in Burnaby British Columbia, Canada my home Province. Their passion for fishing drove them to create lures that constantly out fish other lures. As you may have read in my previous articles, I had the amazing opportunity to meet Sophie, the owner of Lucky Bug Lures back in February and let me tell you what a treat that was! Her fishing knowledge is incredible, and it was so cool to see the store and behind the scenes look at it! Seeing her passion for fishing it is no wonder their lures work the way they do!

What is a Zombie Maxx?

The Zombie Maxx is an ultra-versatile lure that is slow sinking with an erratic swim action. Its body is eight jointed which means it gives off incredible realistic action in the water which drives the predatory fish crazy! The joints are made from durable nylon material, which means you can add your own scent bait to them. Just soak your lure in your preferred scent for 45 minutes and then you will be good to go. I personally prefer Liquid Mayhem which you can get in our store but please make sure you check your local regulations first.

What Fish Can I Catch?

The Zombie Maxx comes in 3 different sizes, so please see my chart below:

7″ Large                                                                          

Pike, Bass, Salmon, Cod, Trout, Lakers, Walleye and Musky

5″ Medium

Pike, Bass, Salmon, Cod, Trout, Lakers, Walleye

3″ Small

Pike, Bass, Salmon, Trout, Lakers, Kokanee, Walleye


Features and Benefits

* Trimaxx Technology – vibrations that trigger feeding, bright graphics for visual attraction and erratic movement.

* Ultra- realistic patterns.

* Flexible connecting fiber that is made from durable nylon and retains scent for added dimension.

* Slow sinking swim/ glide or jerk swim bait.

* Single and tremble hook set up options.

* Eight articulated body segments

* Weight forward design that makes it ideal for vertical and horizontal jigging.

* Unbelievable underwater swim action.

How Should I Fish It?

You might be wondering how do I fish it, well it really is quite easy. When casting tie directly to your line and cast it, that’s it……. see I told you it was easy! I like to try and play around with my retrieve by reeling it in at different depths and even jerking the bait while reeling in. If you pause on your retrieve, your Zombie Maxx will actually turn and sink and swim away from you, how cool is that! If you use a thin diameter line, cast really far and then hold your rod tip low and start retrieving as soon as that lure hits the water, then the Zombie Maxx will run at about 2 to 3 feet deep. The Zombie Max does sink, it’s just slow, but there is nothing wrong with that. If you do want to run it a bit deeper than the above suggested method, then try using the “count down” method, you know 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi and so on.

When fishing the rivers try casting across the stream and then allowing the lure to swing across the current, with a nice slow and steady retrieve or by using an erratic retrieval, pausing periodically. Just play around till you find what works best for you.

With that being said you can also try jigging, trolling and downrigging, it truly is up to you and what you find works best for your fishing situation!

In Conclusion

If you get the chance, make you go and check out The Lucky Bug Lure Company online. I cannot speak highly enough about them and the way their products work. I have caught so many fish on them and they are always a go to in my tackle box no matter where I am fishing as their products cater to such a wide range of species. It doesn’t seem to matter what I throw in the water a fish always seems to be attracted to the movement of their lures. Go check them out online  While you are there use promo code “GT11” to save 10% on your next order (don’t forget their social media pages too Facebook or Instagram too!). Until next week, tight lines everyone!









Zombie Maxx – Fish Be Warned!

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