Team Just A Girl inspires women to step up, find their passion, and no matter how insane, action it.

“Fishing tends to be viewed as only catching fish, it is far more. Fishing is self-empowerment.”

Team Just A Girl’s Vision…

Break the cycle of fishing traditions being passed down through men
Empowering women from the beach, to the boat, to the boardroom
Inspire women to find grace, courage, and fearlessness through fishing


By creating a fishing network for all women to enjoy, communicate, and experience the awesome fishing Australia is able to provide.
By encouraging friendship and camaraderie within the female fishing world
By creating an opportunity for ladies to enjoy a fishing experience, go fishing with Skip and meet likeminded gals.
By teaching the girls to “TAKE THE BOAT “ on the sea and in everyday life.

Learn more about Team Just A Girl by visiting their website:

Team Just A Girl

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