Kenai Salmon Slayer – How To Tie Flies

Kenai Salmon Slayer – How To Tie Flies || Vise Squad S2E80 We want to first welcome our first female Host and one heck of an Angler – Tiffany Leming! “Tiff” brings a ton of knowledge and experience to our already very talented Vise Squad and we are absolutely stoked to have her on the team! This is her first ever video for fly tying, so please help us make her feel at home by giving her some supportive comments below! In today’s segment, Tiff will be tying a Coho Intruder fly!


OPST micro shank

210 denier in white

Standard intruder trailer wire

Size 4 hook

Diamond braid in pearl

Magnum pink rabbit strip

Ice dub in pearl

White Marabou


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