Pike Bombs are one of the many lures that the Lucky Bug Lure Company makes. The Lucky Bug Lure Company is a family run company located right here in British Columbia, Canada my home Province. Their passion for fishing drove them to create lures that constantly out fish other lures. As you may of read in my previous articles I had the amazing opportunity to meet Sophie, the owner of Lucky Bug Lures in person back in February and man her fishing knowledge in absolutely incredible – its no wonder their lures work!

What is a Pike Bomb?

A Pike Bomb is an incredibly realistic lure, with 7 articulating sections. It features a weighted swivel head that produces an incredibly life like action underwater, and is almost mesmerizing to watch as you are reeling it in. Whether you are casting or trolling, the action on this swimbait will truly blow your mind. It drives all predatory fish wild, like Pike, Musky, Bass, Lakers and my favourite, Walleye.

The BPA- free, hard plastic body is built tough and can withstand a lot of abuse. Trust me I know as I have caught many Pike and Walleye on it and it is still holding up as good as it was when I first got it! It features two hook locations to allow you to set it up for your specific presentations, whether you are in lakes, rivers or even oceans.


How Should I Fish It?

You might be wondering how do I fish it? Well you can troll it, cast it or use it with your down-rigger. My personal favourite is just casting it out there but the other ways are very successful as well! Here are a few of our best catches casting with them:


What Size Pike Bomb Should I use?

The Pike Bomb comes in two different sizes:

5″ – 23g / 0.81 oz                                                8″ – 66g / 2.33oz.

Pike, Bass, Trout, Lakers, Walleye                    Pike, Musky, Bass, Walleye, Lakers

As you can see from above it really just depends on what you are trying to target. My personal favourite is the 5″ but again that is just my preference.



* When trolling, tie directly to your main line and let out enough line to get it to your desired depth. The use of a down-rigger or bottom walker is also an option.

* When casting, tie directly to your main line and cast it out, it really is that simple!

* For some added action, try putting some scent on the fabric core as fish simply won’t be able to resist it! My Personal favourite when adding sent is to use Liquid Mayhem.

Colour Patterns 

The Pike Bomb comes in a variety of colours but these 3 are hands down my favourite and most successful ones I own:

Brook Trout

Red Shiner

Fish Chow


In conclusion I can not speak highly enough about these lures and in fact all the lures from Lucky Bug Lures! We have had so much success catching fish on them that they are always a go to in my tackle box. Whether you are fishing lakes, rivers or oceans or casting, trolling or down-rigging, just try tying one of these bad boys on and see what they can catch for you! Go check out Lucky Bug Lures over on Facebook or Instagram and definitely go check out there store! Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed! You can also use the promo code “GT11” to save 10% off your next order. Until next week my friends, tight lines everyone!



Pike Bombs – It’s A Blast

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