If you don’t have the Kombo tool from Lucky Bug Lures you are definitely missing out, this bad boy is an absolute must on my list of must haves while fishing! This 4 -in- 1 multi tool bonks, cuts, cleans and sharpens all in one handy tool. It is so convenient to have this one tool in your bag or tackle box rather than fumbling around (especially in the cold and out on the ice) for multiple tools to use.

It Bonks

If you are going to keep your fish, you want to do so in the most humane way possible. With the Kombo Tool, the head of the tool is a high quality bonker that is made of industrial polypropylene and is weighted to pack a precise, quick and painless punch. I have to say it has a good weight to it (1 lb), but not super heavy that it weighs down my backpack or tackle box making it too heavy to carry, it really is the perfect size.

It Cuts

This sharp and flexible fillet knife that is made out of 3cr13 Japanese Stainless Steel makes easy work of even the toughest filleting jobs. The knife is nice and flexible making it convenient to get right down to the skin and around all those pesky bones. The comfortable rubber grip handle makes it a pleasure to use with maximum safety and comfort as an added bonus. There is nothing worse then your hand slipping off in wet conditions, and you do not need to worry about that with the Kombo Tool!

It Cleans

Having a cleaning spoon built right into the handle means it’s always there when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t. This handy little scoop is perfect for getting those nasty guts out of the way!

It Sharpens

With a built in white corundum sharpener, it keeps the blade sharp and ready for action at all times. Whether you are out on the water, ice or on the shore, with this built in sharpener you will always have the best cutting edge possible, no matter where you are!

It’s Safe

Two hands are required to open the Kombo Tool with each hand deactivating a different safety feature before the knife is exposed. With a release button and two hand extraction it keeps your hands away from the blades for maximum safety. With my kids around me all the time while we are fishing I can keep this tool out and know that their little hands are safe as they are not strong enough to get it open on their own. We all know how curious kids can be especially when they are told “not to touch it!”

The built in sharpener keeps the blade razor sharp, which helps avoid slipping and accidental injury due to using a dull knife.

The Thermoplastic rubber handle gives excellent grip for swinging and filleting, in slippery/ wet conditions.

Bonus, It Floats

Yes, that’s right it floats and yes I had to check this out for myself! With its innovated design, the Kombo Tool floats if it is dropped overboard and into the water. It really doesn’t get much cooler then this!


* Rinse well after each use.

* Air dry

Features And Benefits 


In conclusion this multi tool is a complete game changer while you are out fishing. If you do not have the Kombo tool yet I highly recommend that you go and check out Lucky Bug Lures and get one for yourself. While you are there check out all the amazing products that they carry as well, trust me you will not be disappointed! Don’t forget to use promo code “GT11” to save 10% off of your order. Until next week my friends, tight lines everyone!




The Kombo Tool By Lucky Bug Lures

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