Flies? Check. Fly Boxes? Check. Leaders? Check. Beverages? Check. Everything else? Check. Now time to put it in my bag. Bag too small to fit everything? Check… The most frustrating feeling is not being able to fit everything you need into your bag for your day on the river or lake when going fishing. Yes, you can leave that one box at home, but what if that one fly that would work perfectly for that day is in that box? There is no need to have that feeling any longer! I have now found what will be your new favourite fly fishing bag. With two large pockets, a phone pocket, and two other small pockets, there is room for everything! The Shor Creek Sling Pack is the perfect all-around bag to have on your fly fishing adventures. From my experience using this bag, I use the big, back pocket for things such as beverages, snacks, and my GoPro (if I remember to bring it that day). The second large pocket I use to keep my fly boxes in. I can easily fit up to 3 boxes into that pocket which is perfect for trout days when I would want to bring a nymph box and a dry fly box. The phone pocket I keep my phone in, and it is easily accessible if I sling my bag around to the front of my body. The first small pocket I put my indicators, leaders, fluorocarbon and chameleon line, and any other small things I would need. The last small pocket holds my fishing license, tippet rings, and some flies I like to recycle when they fall apart after catching a lot of fish. The bag also has a great spot that you can attach your nippers to so that you can easily get to them when tying on a fly. It also has a place to put the tool you use to take the hook out of the mouth of a fish. Lastly, it has a water bottle holder that can securely keep your water bottle in place so you can always stay hydrated. This bag has been through it all. From me falling down a hill, in a river, or a beverage exploding in it (after I fell), it has held up and stayed in great shape. It stays on well with an adjustable strap for over the shoulder, as well as one that comes from the bag and goes around your waist and up to the strap on your chest to keep it secure. If you do not pack heavy, this bag is lightweight and will not break your back when you keep bending over to release all the fish you catch. If you do pack heavy, this bag will not add a lot of weight to your back, but still hold all of the essentials. The Shor Creek Sling bag is one of, if not, the best bag I have used and will continue to use for all of my fly fishing adventures. Make sure to check it out, and never run out of room in your bag again!

Shor Fishing Sling Pack!

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