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The Women's Fishing Network empowers Female Anglers, by providing a safe, fun, informative platform, on which to showcase their abilities, techniques and experiences with others, without resorting to bikinis and bootie shorts for clickbait!


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Womens Fishing Network
Womens Fishing NetworkNov 26, 2022 @ 20:14
Hey folks, check out this cool page and their mission to help get Females into Angling!...we like to share content of like minded groups/individuals. 🙂
Womens Fishing Network
Womens Fishing NetworkNov 26, 2022 @ 20:05
We are back at it after a bit of a pause and we are getting ready for Ice Fishing season now!

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Buzz Bomb & Zzinger Lures Inc
Womens Fishing Network
Rene Shore Fishing ASMRWelcome back to another episode of the Women's Fishing Network, a show where talented & knowledgeable female Anglers share their tips,...
Womens Fishing Network
Womens Fishing NetworkNov 11, 2022 @ 18:23
We say "Lest we forget", yet, here we are in 2022 facing down the barrels of war. What is wrong with mankind that drives lust for power and dominance over others, no matter the cost?
Even more terrifying is the fact we are as close to another World War and Nuclear War today as we were in the 1960's. The Dictators of Foreign Countries lead the charge and we must fight to defend freedoms. I look at the destruction in Ukrainian towns and remember seeing images of towns destroyed in WWII and the eerie similarities of battles fought decades ago have not changed in battles fought today. People dead in the streets, military vehicles burned out, buildings turned into rubble & those who survived are left to try and pick up the pieces and carry on.

We, humankind, need to take pause and look at our behaviour. We are not "enlightened". We have not "grown". The only thing that has developed is the technology we use to kill one another!

Let us not allow the sufferings of those who perished defending our freedoms be in vain. Let us not allow those who seek dominance over others be successful in extinguishing freedom. Collectively, humanity needs to say "ENOUGH" to these despots and take control over their own Countries and learn to work with their fellow man to bring peace, healing and growth in our caring for each other.

Let this Day Of Remembrance be the one that reminds us of the atrocities that war brings and stop the violence happening around the World. Today, more than ever - we need to remember - or we will be doomed to repeat our past.

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