When is the best time of the day to catch fish? There has always been a lot of back and forth when it comes to fishing on whether fishing is the morning produces more fish or fishing in the evening. In my opinion they are very similar and really just comes down to whether or not you are morning or evening person. Fish will pretty much eat all day and all night as long as food is available and they can catch it. With that being said there is definitely better times throughout the day when the fish just bite a bit more.

In this article I will cover the benefits to fishing in both the morning and the evening and hopefully help make your next fishing experience a lot more successful and fun!

Fishing In The Morning

Yes the early bird really does catch the worm (or fish) most of the time. I am a morning person so this is my personal and preferred time to go and have been very successful fishing during this time. Most fish will seek shadows and hiding places to wait for their prey. Early mornings provide just that, perfect cover no matter where the fish are. Mornings are when the water temperatures are typically going to be at their lowest point. When the water temperature gets too hot as the day goes on the fish are going to seek out cooler water by going to a deeper area, so due to less intense light fish then become more active.

Some fish rest during the night hours or at least decrease their activity. Just like us they wake up and naturally are hungry and want food. Much like fish, insects also become more active in the morning so food is plentiful. With the insects becoming active in the morning so do the small fish actively feeding on them, along with the predator fish feeding on the smaller fish. This quickly becomes a food chain of activity in the water making it the perfect time for us Anglers to catch a fish.


-Getting up early not only do you have a great chance at catching a fish you have the rest of the day to fish or to do other stuff compared to fishing in the evening where you eventually have to go home to bed.

-Fish find the reduced light levels during this time more comfortable than the bright sun during the day. This would also be a pro in the evening fishing category as well.

-There is nothing better than getting to catch a gorgeous sunrise (besides catching a fish!)

Fishing In The Evening

Like humans many fish are looking for their dinner in the evening time. The temperature isn’t too high and the sun’s not too bright which means that most fish will feel comfortable coming out of their hiding spots looking for something to eat. The food chain activity will kick in once again at sundown just as it did in the morning. Insects will once again start to come out as the sun begins to set, then the smaller fish followed by the predators. A good thing to remember is that the warmer a Summer day is, the more inactive the fish will be during the day which means more (and longer) activity at night.

There are other factors to consider as well, during the colder months of the year you will want to focus on the warmest part of the day when the water temperature is at its highest. Late Spring, Summer and Fall try to focus on the mornings and evenings. I am not by any means saying don’t fish during the day time, just that you may have better luck or catch more in those morning or evening hours. I love to fish and will stay out there all day if I could but there is just something special to those peak times where the fish are just more active!


-Their metabolism and digestion are cranked and ready for dinner.

-No more sunburn, not one Angler can say they have never gotten a sun burn from staying out on the water for too long. Its always just one more cast and when the fish are biting in the morning you risk the chance of getting a sunburn as the sun becomes hotter and stronger.

-Being out on the water and being able to catch the sun setting makes for the perfect end to a day of fishing.

Water Temperature

Water Temperature also plays a huge role in catching the fish as fish are cold blooded. In very cold water fish will become dormant and sluggish and just not want to feed. If the water is too warm they will seek out a more comfortable environment. All fish have different temperature ranges where it is more comfortable for them to survive. Cold or hot water temperatures create a lack of oxygen in the water which makes fish less active, meaning fishing will slow down if it becomes too hot or cold.


In conclusion there is no tried and true time as to when to go fishing. There are however certain times in the day where fish are most active. A lot of planning goes into fishing trips so hopefully with this bit of knowledge before hand you will get to the water at just the right time to maximize those bites!

Morning Versus Evening Fishing

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