It’s my second favourite time of the year, anytime I am out fishing is my favourite of course! With Christmas getting closer I thought it would be fun to put together a few products that I think would be perfect for the angler in your life or even yourself. These are all products I have bought, wear, or have on my own personal wish list this year!

For The Fly Fisher In Your Life

Game Changer: Tying Flies That Look And Swim Like The Real Thing by Blane Chocklett. This book was recommended to me by an amazing fly tier and friend Adam Hortenberry (you can check out his fly tying videos on The Vise Squad over on YouTube.) I figured if he recommends the book then it must be a good one! There are step by step tying instructions for 20 flies, a chapter covering hooks, shanks and brushes and other important material. Fishing techniques including tips on retrieves and casting large flies and so much more. This one is one that I have on my own personal wish list this year!

Stocking Stuffers

A piece of a legend, the legendary Len Thompson lures are a must in my opinion. 45 million lures and counting have been produced since Len Thompson began manufacturing them on his farmhouse table in Abernethy Saskatchewan back in 1929. They are extremely effective especially with pike (you can read more about that in my other article Pike Fishing With Len Thompson Spoons.) These come in a range of popular colours including the famous yellow and red diamonds. These are an absolute must in any anglers tackle box!

Cabela’s Snagmaster. This compact 4 oz nickel plated ring snaps around your line and slides to the snagged lure. The powerful 250 pound test can bring up the snag and all. This one happens to be on my sons wish list this year. Not knowing much about it I did a bit of research and from the reviews that I have read on it, it is recommended for use from a boat, not from shore, and apparently works well at retrieving things including rods that have gone overboard.


Outlaw Fishing Designs has some really amazing “One More Cast” hats, toques and shirts which are the absolute best as we all know it is never just one more cast! I am pretty sure I say one more cast for a good hour before we actually leave. Wherever I go I always get compliments on my hat and I am more than happy to recommend where I  got it from. There are lots of shirts and sweatshirts as well as mugs and some stunning artwork. On the same website you will also find Iron Dreams Fishing which also carries some amazing fishing apparel for the angler in your life (or for yourself if you are like me!) 20% of their profit also flows directly into conservation efforts so its a win win shopping through them!

Capsize Fly Fishing is another Canadian company on the East Coast of Canada (Quebec). They have some amazing holiday bundles right now that come with different options of a sticker pack, hat, t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, and fly box kit. They have lots of different combos which include these items and range in price from $64 – $152. The sweatshirts are so soft and comfy and your order comes with a personalized thank you card with a fly attached!


Sand And Stone Jewelry

You might be wondering what a jewelry company has to do with fishing, right? Well Sand And Stone Jewelry sells custom leather wraps which you can get with what ever saying you want on it, she makes it custom to you. I had a “wishin I was Fishin” one made which I wear daily as well as on all my fishing trips (I like to think it brings me luck!) She sells a lot of amazing things but the leather wraps are definitely one of my favourite, you can dress them up, wear them everyday and even to go fishing!

Finding that special gift for the angler in your life or for even yourself is always fun at this time of the year. I hope this list helps you out a bit or even lets you know of a company or product maybe you haven’t even heard of yet. Whatever the occasion, there’s a fishing gift out there for any angler!





Making Christmas Fishes Come True!

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