Ok guys, let’s talk waders! I was extremely lucky and got to test out a pair of the S1 Mocha Stocking Foot Waders from the amazing iWader Company. These are hands down the comfiest waders I have ever worn and fit me like a glove!

Being a women in the fishing world I find it very hard to find fishing gear that fits properly with waders being the hardest to find out of them all. It is very difficult to find a pair of waders that fit a woman’s body properly without looking like you are swimming in them or wearing a potato sack. There is a huge selection out there for the guys but very minimal for the ladies. I can honestly say look no further – these will be the comfiest, best fitting waders you will ever own!


These waders are made out of GT-Stretch fabric which is super stretchable and light weight. This allows for ultimate breathability and unrestricted movement. I can squat down in them and move freely and they stretch nicely with the body. The fabric has a really good give to them which makes them so comfy to wear.

What Size

As a reference I am 5 foot 7, 130 lbs, size 7 feet and the small fits perfectly. I have long legs so I often have to size up in stuff just so they fit my legs but are then loose and baggy everywhere else and doesn’t fit quite right. With the small I still have enough room to wear a jacket underneath and still be able to move freely. The stocking boot fits perfect as well and is quite comfy in my wading boots.


iWaders is based in Australia but the waders ship directly from China. Mine took 9 days to ship from China to Northern BC Canada, which isn’t bad at all. Living in the North stuff tends to take longer to get up to us, but I was very impressed at how fast they came!

How To Care For Your Waders

* Rinse with fresh water after every use.

* Do not tumble dry.

* Hang to dry and keep out of direct sunlight, you don’t want them fading!



* Warranty: 90 Day

* Keeps water out.

* Keeps me warm, these are some seriously warm waders but still extremely lightweight where you wont be too hot in the summer.

* You can’t beat the gorgeous pattern, there is something so fun about the colour on these waders.

* The outer pocket on the chest has a lot of room and it also has an inner pocket on the chest which is great for storing stuff.

* Comes with a portable mesh bag which is super handy for storing and transporting your waders in.

* Comes with a handy little repair kit and instruction pack.



The smell, when I got them an opened up the package they had a super plastic rubbery smell to them. It was quite a strong smell but after hanging them up for a few days to air out I couldn’t even smell it anymore.


I can honestly say you will not be disappointed with these waders, they are so comfy, easy to move in, fit well and most importantly made for women! Don’t worry guys they have lots of waders for you as well. Go and check iWaders out and see for your self, use promo code GT11 to save 5% at the checkout! Until next week, tight lines everyone!




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