Fishing memories are always awesome, some are just a little better than others..

Its no secret I fish for Sea Run Cutthroat in the Spring and Summer evenings at a couple of local beaches…the other night a very lovely older gentleman comes down on his walk, (he’s been cropped out of the second photo).  He’s pretty curious and enthusiastic and asks me many questions and very quickly we’re talking about his life and memories and how long it’s been since he’s fished and how much he misses it. We chat for an hour and he goes on his lovely way…(did I mention he was lovely??)

Well guess who shows up calling after me the very next evening with his fishing rod in his hand asking me to come and check his gear and do I think he’ll be able to catch something with what he’s brought??

I say yes definitely, so I take a look and catch him up to speed on how to fish the water we are in and we laugh and fish for a few hours like we’d known each other for much much longer. It was a beautiful calm evening.
(He doesn’t even know how much I needed that)

Then in true grandpa fashion after thanking me for inspiring him to get fishing again after so many years he gave me two Werther’s when he left…I have 4 questions

1. How can a stranger touch someone so deeply?

2. Will he be there again one day?

3. How did Werther’s  become Grandparent currency?

4. How old will I be before I carry Werther’s??

Best evening ever♡

Fishing Memories

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