Kelsey's Hope fly

First fly I’ve ever tied

This is my very first fly. It’s miles away from what it should be but you gotta start somewhere. I’ve tied a couple chironomids and some twitching jigs but not flies. I guess I never came across anything I couldn’t live without, or just buy at the store. Don Freschi and Sport Fishing On The Fly absolutely cleaned house fishing Coho with these deadly and irresistible little morsels in one of their last videos. The original Kelsey’s hope “works exceptionally well in clear water when Coho are migrating.” This fills me with glee, and I gotta have it because the river I’m heading to in a couple days fits exactly that description.


Kelsey's Hope flies

I only had white polar bear fur, so I had to colour it with permanent markers. I’ve seen some of my favourite fly-tiers do this with chironomid patterns to get ultra blended specific colours, or when they only have white thread they use the markers to colour match. Seems genius to me. I’m picking up green and blue polar bear fur tomorrow, and will upgrade these flies with it.



Lake view

Headed out, beautiful morning skies on the highway.

One of my favourite drives on earth, ever, is the drive to go fishing. I am divinely filled with the endless possibilities and hopes for the day that stretch out ahead of me. I am peaceful but also ecstatic. It feels like love to be quite honest.

The weather never matters, I am comforted and embraced by what I know the day ahead holds for me. No matter what happens, I know I will be surrounded by beautiful and fresh, rejuvenating nature. Little birds splish-splashing and bathing in the trickle of a little babbling creek, the crunch of my boots on early fall leaves on the fishing trail.

My instincts, past experiences and everything I’ve learned to that moment, about where and what I’ll be fishing, coursing in my veins. Recounting past techniques that led me to moments of success, and knowing that I am prepared to rise to the ever-changing nuances of every individual fishing adventure, as I step into the river it is a culmination of everything that is soo right.. this is Heaven to me.

This is what sets my soul on fire.

Do or die, Coho on the fly part 1

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