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Dead End Lures Inc. is a fishing lure manufacturing company specializing in inline spinners, casting spoons and jigs. The company was federally incorporated within Canada on May 20th 2020. Dead End Lures is a family owned and operated business located in New Brunswick, Canada by wife and husband team Emily and John Nigro.

About The Lures

Natural and lead free are exclusively used for an eco-friendly fishing experience. The products used are completely lead free and not harmful to the environment if they are lost in the water. We all know that loosing a lure in the water happens to the best of us whether we are new to angling or a seasoned angler. Dead end lures strives to differentiate in the market by selecting unique and custom parts to incorporate into these gorgeous fishing lures. All the painted blades and spoons have been customized for colour, finish and design, exclusively to the company.

The unique design of the inline spinners was submitted for a patent in 2021 (the patent is currently pending and is expected to be approved in 2022.) This patent outlines the benefits of using natural stone as the body and weight of the lure compared to traditional metal materials. Agate, quartz and hematite are the stones that are currently being used for these lures, each possessing light refraction capabilities. These characteristics enhance visibility underwater, therefor attracting fish from a greater distance.

Dead End Lures also specializes in eco-friendly fishing jigs, cast in a Bismuth Alloy. Lead is the traditional metal option for jig casting as it is readily available, easy to use and inexpensive, but is also known to be harmful to both the environment and people. Bismuth is not a common alternative to lead because it is more expensive and quite difficult to work with, but it is a great eco-friendly alternative!

GeoStorm $6.49 CAD

This in-line spinner features a stone agate body and fluted blade. These lures are great for shallow water and retrieve with a thumping vibration. The high quality blades have a superior action and eye-catching pearl or glitter finish. The patent-pending Geo Tackle collection is designed to be simplistic and eco-friendly. These lures are made with naturally occurring stones which provide both colour and weight. Don’t worry if you loose your lure while fishing, it is lead-free!

GeoStrike X $8.49 CAD

This In-line spinner features a stone agate body. Serrated willow blade and natural hair bucktail. These lures are great for deeper water and create a defined side profile for increased visibility. The high quality coloured blades have a serrated edge for added vibration and an eye-catching pearl or glitter finish. The patent-pending Geo Tackle collection is designed to be simplistic and eco-friendly. These lures are made with naturally occurring stones which provide both colour and weight. Don’t worry if you loose your lure while fishing, it is lead-free!

Stinger $5.99 CAD

Dead End Lures casting spoons boast a hex pattern that closely emulate fish scales and a flipper as an additional attractant. They have a great action, flash, control and casting distance. Casting spoons are a quality choice for anglers of all skill levels, beginners and experts alike. They are easy to use and effective on a wide variety of fish species.

A Bit About Emily

Emily has been an avid recreational angler for a number of years actively researching new fishing styles and techniques. This experience is crucial to developing new lure styles and applications. This research also allowed for a strong development of expertise as the study of fishing is both through knowledge and practical application. She has spent many years honing her fishing skills through fishing in a wide variety of fishing landscapes as fishing techniques differ between locations eg. creeks, ponds, lakes, weeded areas, deep water, shallow water etc.

Emily has an Honours Bachelor of Science (BSc (Hons)) specializing in Biological Chemistry. This educational background allows for a scientific approach to the development and testing of new fishing lure designs. For a fishing lure to be effective, it needs to have flash and effective action in the water. Flash is attributed to colour and visibility of the lure under different light conditions. Action is attributed to how the lure moves in the water as well as the vibrations it creates. Emily’s training in physics, chemistry, biology, spectroscopy, thermodynamics and other similar disciplines is key to developing fishing lures of design and quality.

Fun Fact:

* Dead End Lures offers inline spinners that attach the hook onto the body of the lure with a split ring. This allows for easy removal and placement of the hook, if the hook is removed it can still be reused as it has not been damaged.

* Emily and John exclusively use Dead End Lures for their fishing adventures and have never been more successful doing so. Each have caught their new personal bests using their inline spinners!

Where Can I Buy Their Product?

Products are available for sale online at Don’t forget to use the Promo Code “GT11” to save 10% on your order!


If you love fishing and the environment as much as I do then go and check out Dead End Lures, these are not only gorgeous lures with their natural rocks but most importantly friendly for our environment. The Dead End Lure community encourages you to send in photos of your catches to the company to join the Dead End Hall of Fame on their website and social media (Instagram and Facebook.) I checked it out on the website and there are lots of amazing catches on there, I cannot wait to get my picture up on their Hall of Fame in the spring time once all our ice and snow is gone! Until next week, tight lines everyone!


Dead End Lures Inc

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