Bingo Bugs are one of the many lures that the Lucky Bug Lure Company makes. The Lucky Bug Lure Company is a family run company located in British Columbia, Canada. Their passion for fishing drove them to create lures that constantly out fish other lures. I had the amazing opportunity to meet Sophie (the owner) in person on a recent trip to the Lower Mainland and her fishing knowledge is absolutely incredible – it’s no wonder their lures work!

What Is A Bingo Bug?

Each Bingo Bug is carefully handcrafted here in beautiful British Columbia, using only premium components in order to deliver you the absolute best fishing experience possible. This unique lure produces amazing life like underwater action its almost mesmerizing to watch it as it is being reeled in! Anglers can troll, spin cast or fly fish with this astonishing lure. Bingo Bugs come equipped with either Mustad or Eagle Claw hooks along with a UV coating which allows the fish to see them in dark and murky conditions. The Bingo Bug is designed with their exclusive Trimaxx Technology (visual attraction, erratic vibrations, and darting action) allowing you to achieve un-paralleled results – fish of all sizes love to devour them in lakes, streams and rivers!

What Size Bingo Bug Should I use?

Size                       Weight                                 Length                                                                          Fish

#8 Small          0.15g / 0.004oz          Approx. 31mm / 1.22″ w/ feather                       Trout, Kokanee, Salmon, Panfish, Crappie, Sunfish, Perch

#6 Medium      0.45g / 0.034oz          Approx. 38mm / 1.5″ w/ feather                         Trout, Walleye, Kokanee, Salmon, Perch, Bass

#2 Large         1.1g / 0.038oz             Approx. 55mm / 2.17″ w/ feather                       Trout, Walleye, Salmon, Bass, Steelhead, Lakers, Pike

From left to right you have the small, medium and large Bingo bugs.



* These bugs are designed to be fished on their own, no bait or gang trolls required. Leaders should be long, 18″ minimum, but longer is better.

* Tie the leader directly to the clip (snap hook) that is on the bug to allow the lure to vibrate and move freely and then attach the leader to the mainline via the small swivel.

* Bingo Bugs are very light and require the use of weights for casting and trolling. A great idea for this is to carry multiple sizes so you can adjust the amount of weight to match the speed and depth you desire while fishing.


There are so many gorgeous patterns to choose from it is extremely hard trying to choose which one!


My Experience Fishing With The Bingo Bug

I got the opportunity on a recent trip to Powell River to test out a few Bingo Bugs both fly fishing and spin casting and boy are they so fun to fish with! I had no luck catching one on the fly rod but that had a lot to do with the location we were fishing at. I always find it hard fishing new water especially in an area I have never fished before. I always do my research before I go somewhere new, but sometimes you really just need to talk to a local! As we were getting ready to pack up and leave guess who I ran into, that’s right a local Angler and after chatting for awhile he was more then happy to help out and point us in the right direction of where to try fishing. He told us some local spots to try along the rivers as well as a nearby lake that he said “we were guaranteed to catch fish at” during this time of the year, the next day we headed off to the lake to check it out and boy am I so happy we did! I have never had so many strikes on the end of my line as I did with the Bingo Bugs, they were driving the trout absolutely crazy! I unfortunately had no luck landing one from shore that day but my son who was out in his float tube (oh to be young again and not be cold in the water) was catching one every 5 minutes with a total of 8 trout for that day! I am looking forward to trying these bad boys out again come Spring time or out on the ice if our weather ever cooperates!


From top to bottom: Glow Kokanee Lite (the glow on this bug is so cool!), Loon Laker and Pumpkin. These pictures don’t do the lures justice you really need to see them with your own eyes to take in all the tiny details they have!


Whether you are targeting Trout, Walleye, Perch, Kokanee, Steelhead, Panfish, Crappie, Sunfish, Salmon, Lakers, Pike or Bass, be sure to tie one on your line, and find out first hand what a Bingo Bug can do for you! Go give them follow over on Facebook and Instagram and go and check out their website, they have so many amazing products you will not be disappointed! Oh! – I almost forgot to mention that you can save 10% on your order by using the Promo Code “GT11″….Until next week, tight lines everyone!


Bingo Bugs By The Lucky Bug Lure Company

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