I recently experienced a pretty special fishing day. I caught my first fish ever completely solo. You’re probably thinking, WHAT? She does a segment and has never caught a fish by herself before? Well, my fishing journey has been more about having viewers learn with me. Obviously, I get skunked a lot. But different lessons come out of each fishing trip, whether you catch anything or not.

I was out West intending to make a segment. It was sunny out but it was very cold and windy. But, I braved it anyways. I went to a little stocked lake about an hour away from me. The lake has a bait ban and is catch and release only, so the fish actually get quite big. I spent some time ice fishing there last year and caught my first ever beautiful Rainbow Trout. So, the lake has special meaning to me because of the fish I have previously caught and I believe it’s when I truly fell in love with ice fishing.

I was the only person shore fishing. There were a lot of people in boats and canoes. I found a spot that was really deep that seemed like a good spot. I laid my stuff down and started casting. I already had a Get’ n Hook’d Lure spinner rigged up on my rod. I cast a few out just to make sure I had everything working properly. I might have a tendency to make a few mistakes here and there, so I’ve learned to always test my gear out.  So, after a couple casts I hooked into a fish. I could not believe it. I was so excited to reel him in and I was so careful not to let him spit the hook out or something like that, he was fighting like crazy, so I thought to myself it must be a Tiger Trout. When he was close enough, I confirmed it was a Tiger Trout. It was EXACTLY what I was hoping for. I grabbed my net and I successfully got him. I usually am so nervous to unhook fish, in fear that I will hurt them or just won’t be able to get the hook out. BUT, I grabbed my pliers and unhooked that fish so easily with all the confidence from my learned knowledge during my fishing journey.

The lure that caught my Tiger Trout

Of course, I did not have my camera or anything set up. I’m so sorry Rick!! LOL

I safely released the Tiger Trout back into the water and sat down on the bank with my heart pumping full of adrenaline and happiness. This moment, was more special for me than any picture or video could ever be. This was a moment of clarity for me, I realized everything has changed. I’m a REAL fisherwoman now. I actually know what I am doing and I am succeeding with confidence. It was truly one of the most special moments in my life.

After the moment was over, I set up my camera and tripod and started filming thinking how amazing it was going to be to get me catching more fish on film. Who was I kidding? I NEVER have that kind of luck haha. A winter storm actually started happening, the wind continuously kept knocking over my tripod, luckily, not in the water. Massive graupel (snow pellets) started coming down. All the people on the boats quickly started coming in. I thought, NO, I am not leaving. I need to get a fish on film. So I continued fishing in the graupel, I had my winter gear so I was somewhat prepared. It eventually stopped and I was happy I stayed. I ended up seeing a huge Rainbow Trout swim right in front of me. It was beautiful, it looked just like the same one I caught ice fishing the previous year. It had a lot of pink on it. I watched it for a while and could not get it to take my hook. My theory is that it was the same fish from last year just coming to say “Good Job!” to me for landing my first fish HAHA

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The Rainbow Trout I caught the previous year

Eventually, massive huge snowflakes were coming down and it was a white out. It was time to leave. I was unsuccessful in making a segment, but I am so grateful for the special moment.

On the way home, the snow let up a bit and it was now dark. I was about 5 minutes from my home when I noticed massive green lights in the sky. It was the Northern Lights dancing in the sky. I grew up in Fort McMurray so I saw them often when I lived there. But, its been YEARS since I have seen them. It was another spectacular moment, I pulled over at the local trout pond and grabbed a blanket out of my car and sat on the dock watching them dance away. It was like this moment was created for me to reflect on the day and how much it meant to me, to catch a solo fish. I believe that is why I have earned respect from other anglers even though I’m a newbie, they can see the passion and love I have for fishing. It’s truly my happy place.

The Northern Lights in Lacombe

Thanks for reading 🙂

A very special fishing moment with a Tiger Trout

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